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VTac goes beyond active shooter training with HSI's AVERT program.

Active Violence Emergency Response Training

Learn how to recognize the signs of danger, react appropriately, and make rapid survival decisions. AVERT goes beyond active shooter response training by also teaching how to control life-threatening bleeding.  


Paul and Candice's dynamic teaching style combined with their emergency medical care and law enforcement expertise make this training an unforgettable learning experience!

When active violence occurs, seconds count, and you can't always wait for EMS to arrive. AVERT gives you the confidence and tools you need to assess and react quickly in an active shooter situation, and how to apply stop the bleed practices during life-threatening bleeding situations.


Identify warning signs using situational awareness


Decide whether to escape, evade or attack

Emergency care

Apply critical bleeding control techniques


Gain knowledge to respond quickly & confidently in an active violence situation 

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When you join a course at VTac, you can start using your new skills right away. We believe in only teaching necessary content, which means everything you learn will be practical and easy to apply. We’re very flexible with course times and schedules, and will even come to you so get in touch today!

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