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Law Enforcement Training

The unique VTac method uses strategies for learning and self-growth as the foundation for all courses and programs. This approach creates a unique opportunity to prepare our participants for a new adventure or for the next step in their career. Paul and Candice's dynamic training style will keep even the most seasoned veterans engaged in the learning process.

Image by Michael Förtsch

Suicide Awareness & Prevention 


In February of 2021, Candice lost her best friend in law enforcement, a 16-year veteran officer, to suicide. This tragedy inspired her to promote awareness on the realities and impact police work has on the mental health of the law enforcement officer.


Throughout the 6-hour course, the class will look at real time statistics on suicide in law enforcement and discuss the realities of police stress, the major mental health illnesses affecting law enforcement officers today and  how to proactively recognize symptoms as they begin to manifest. Candice also works with each individual agency to build in information specific to their employment benefits on where and how to get help. 

In this workshop style course, participants complete class exercises to aid in self-reflection on the current status of their personal mental health and stress levels. Candice encourages participants to take action if and when they recognize the signs of the major mental health conditions that can lead to suicide in themselves or their co-workers.

Candice emphasizes the need to break the silence and stigma facing law enforcement officers who are struggling with depression, anxiety and cumulative post traumatic stress. She inspires even the most tactical enthusiast to recognize that mental health "training" is every bit as important as a day at the firearms range.

VTac can provide a variety of law enforcement training courses.  We are constantly expanding our curriculum and will custom build any training to include your department policies and specific content. Email or call us at 505-330-2084 to find out more about how VTac can meet your training needs.

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