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AED Equipment & Services
Automated External Defibrillator

Cardiac emergencies can happen anywhere. Help protect your employees by ensuring they are trained to administer CPR and have access to an AED to increase the chances of saving a life!

Consult with VTac to implement a community AED program if your organization does not have an established program. 

If you already have AEDs, VTac can assess your program and provide recommendations and annual inspection services as well as installation and unit service tracking.

Contact us today and VTac will meet the needs of your company's AED safety program.



VTac can help you be prepared to save a life by stopping life-threatening blood loss with bleeding control supplies and equipment


"Products with a Mission® means we are driven by Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines, supported by Evidence-based Medicine and validated by Laboratory Tested - Combat Proven® history. From the point of wounding to the doors of the trauma center, NAR is your dedicated partner in life-saving medical gear and training designed to empower today’s Warfighter, First Responder and Prehospital Healthcare Provider with the mission critical solutions that increase survivability by reducing potentially preventable causes of death."

- North American Rescue®

VTac is proudly authorized to equip you and your facility or home with life-saving bleeding control supplies and equipment from
North American Rescue or The Health & Safety Institute's
AVERT products.

Click on the links to purchase directly from North American Rescue or HSI or contact VTac for a special pricing and installation quote.

Use our code 3406767 to get FREE shipping from AVERT

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